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Jennifer Lopez joins Hispanic TV network
Updated 9/12/2012 9:28 AM ET
JLo is going Nuvo.

Jennifer Lopez, on tour after ending her stint as an American Idol judge, is returning to TV, in a smaller way. Nuvo TV, founded in 2004 as an English-language cable network for Latino viewers, today will announce plans for a marketing and programming partnership with the singer/actress that will make her a part-owner of the channel.

She will produce programming for the network, now available in 30 million homes, through her Nuyorican Productions banner. She'll appear occasionally on-air, including a documentary due early next year about her current tour, which is headed to Europe. And she'll act as a promotional ambassador for the network, which faces a growing list of competitors, including Telemundo's mun2 and an English-language news channel from Univision and Disney due next year.

Though she grew up in a Spanish-speaking household, Lopez says she was raised as an English speaker, and her interest in such channels was informed by "growing up in the Bronx as a little Puerto Rican girl watching TV and not having a lot to identify with," she says in an interview. "West Side Story was really my favorite thing because it had Puerto Ricans in it."

Of Nuvo, she says, "I want to move it into great programming for a bicultural audience."

Nuvo CEO Michael Schwimmer says the Lopez deal was a no-brainer: "She's able to generate an enormous amount of awareness in anything she's involved with, and we knew she was passionate about this audience."

Posted 9/11/2012 7:03 PM ET
Updated 9/12/2012 9:28 AM ET
Jennifer Lopez will be entering into a partnership with Hispanic TV network Nuvo TV.
Nuvo TV
Jennifer Lopez will be entering into a partnership with Hispanic TV network Nuvo TV.