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Idol Meter: Who looks weak this week?
Updated 4/24/2012 8:47 PM ET
For the second straight week, a contestant who appeared to be on the fast track to the finals got axed by voters, and unfortunately for Colton Dixon, this time it counted. At this point, it's all up for grabs, clearly, but some look weaker than others. Let's examine the status of last week's Idol Meter bottom three:

Elise Testone: The last chancer

Elise failed to build on her Whole Lotta Love breakthrough, thanks to mediocre song selections and erratic performances, and has become a permanent fixture in the bottom three. Just as crucially, she appears to have lost her confidence, looking as confused as Hollie did a few weeks ago. A ferocious rocker or two tonight could generate enough support to get Elise through one more week, but anything further will require a highly unlikely combination of brilliant efforts (by her) and collapses (by someone else).

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Jessica Sanchez: The tarnished golden Idol

The judges' save has been used only three times before, which isn't much of a sample base, but the past results are not promising for Jessica: No saved Idol has finished higher than fourth (Michael Lynche, Season 9). Jessica's choices were on the safe side last week and she seemed to oversing somewhat, which indicates she's still shaken. Now mentor Jimmy Iovine wants to steer her in a "young" direction, which will be a challenge when she has to sing a Queen song tonight. And Skylar is showcasing nearly equally powerful pipes of late. No more coasting for Jessica.

Hollie Cavanagh: The comeback kid?

Just when her stiff and unimaginative performances seemed about to doom her, Hollie has rallied, first with a slightly more lively Pink cover, then with even more-improved Adele and Dusty Springfield tunes last week. She seems to be on a bit of a roll, and not a moment too soon. Still, she's got the lowest Idol Meter average of the top 6, and she faces long odds to get as far as the final four.

Posted 4/24/2012 8:26 PM ET
Updated 4/24/2012 8:47 PM ET
Jessica Sanchez: Can she bounce back from the dreaded judges' save?
Jessica Sanchez: Can she bounce back from the dreaded judges' save?